SaleHoo Review

SaleHoo Review

SaleHoo Review – What is it?

SaleHoo is a wholesale directory service that was founded by Simon Slade and Mark Ling in 2005. Since then, the company has over 100,000 users using their services.

Their wholesale directory consists of over 1,600,000 products from 8,000 suppliers in 150 categories. The list is updated to feature only the best suppliers.

Is SaleHoo a Scam?

SaleHoo is a legitimate company and definitely not a scam. Users that do not have success there tend to call it a scam. Their 100,000 customers would not call it a “money making business” if it was a scam. The idea is to be patient and do a lot of research on products to have the highest chance of success.

SaleHoo Customer Reviews

Furthermore, the feedback above is from actual SaleHoo customers sharing their experience with the service.

Can I Make a Profit?

This is what everyone wants to know when starting a new business. Making a profit is definitely possible on SaleHoo. Patience and research will have a huge effect on that. Choosing the products with a high profit margin will also play a role on the amount of money you can make.

SaleHoo Products

The amount of profit is also determined on whether you are selling on an online store or a third-party marketplace such as eBay and Amazon.

Bing AdCenter and Google AdWords are one of the best places to do your research and set up product campaigns for your online store.

What Does SaleHoo Cost?

SaleHoo provides users with two different services, a wholesale/drop-shipping directory and an online store builder. While each service has its own membership fee, users can sign up for one or both services.

Their wholesale and drop-shipping directory service costs $67 per year. There are no additional fees. In case things do not work out, you are covered by a 60-day money back guarantee.

On the other hand, the online store builder has three packages, ranging from $27 to $97 per month.

SaleHoo Review: Pros of a SaleHoo Membership

Honestly, I can sit here and give you a billion pros about having a SaleHoo membership. If you are interested in finding products to sell, the membership will eventually pay for itself. It takes time and patience to get some value out of the membership. Here is what I love about SaleHoo:

1. Huge Product Base

If you are going to be paying for a membership, it better have a wide selection of products that you can sell and make a profit. Fortunately, a SaleHoo membership enables you to search through 1,600,000 products in 150 categories. With this many products, there will be something for everyone. In addition, each product has a different profit margin.

2. Amount of Legitimate Suppliers

Over 8,000 wholesalers, manufacturers, liquidators, and drop shippers are featured in the SaleHoo supplier directory. All of the suppliers undergo a strict verification process so that you know they are legitimate and safe.

3. Unlimited Profit Potential

I love having the freedom for unlimited profit potential. SaleHoo does not have any limitations on the money you can make. Whether you make a $1,000 or $100,000, they will treat you the same. There are no extra fees for earning little or a lot.

4. Little to No Start Up Costs

There are no startup costs, other than the initial $67 per year membership. If you plan on drop shipping, you only purchase products once they sell, so you have nothing to lose. On the other hand, if you plan on buying wholesale and keeping your own inventory, money is required to purchase the items. Either way, you will be able to net a solid profit.

5. Helpful, Friendly, and Professional Support

Due to the nature of this service, having a solid support system is a must. Their support team is ready to answer any questions via phone, email, and twitter. In addition, the SaleHoo support team can direct you to specific suppliers. Last time I checked, the support team is available Monday through Friday, between 6:30 PM and 2:30 AM. I have had nothing but a pleasant experience with their support team.

6. Additional Support Options

Besides the human support, SaleHoo offers a training center filled with guides and tutorials that can help you succeed. There is also an active community forum that you can use to get answers and tips from other members.

7. Research Tools

The SaleHoo Research Lab is the place to see the demand and competition for specific products that you might be interested in selling. In addition, the software is able to give you a rough estimate of the profit you can expect to make, along with success rates of selling specific products.

I am sure that most of you have your own research tools, but free is always good and worth a try.

8. Better Business Bureau Rating

SaleHoo has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since June 06, 2006. Since then, SaleHoo has kept an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, having minor customer complaints and issues.

Since people that fail love to complain, I would have imagined a poor grade. That tells me one thing, people using SaleHoo has much more success than on other drop shipping services.

Cons of a SaleHoo Membership

No service is perfect and everyone can always improve. Personally, SaleHoo is worth every penny, but here is what I would love to see improved in the future:

1. Negative Expectations and Complaints

There is really nothing negative I can say about SaleHoo, but members that fail sure can. I have seen several members complaining about not being able to find products with higher profit margins. For example, a member goes through a few suppliers and does not find profitable products quickly, assumes that SaleHoo is a scam. While this is untrue, I still had to mention it.

In fact, SaleHoo does have suppliers that have a smaller profit margin of 10-20%, but it also has suppliers with profits margins of up to 70%. I understand that products with a profit margin of 10-20% will be a tough money maker, especially on eBay and Amazon. But patience and research is the key here.

SaleHoo is not a scam, although some might think so (because they fail and give up).

2. Improving the Search Capabilities

Personally, their search area needs a bit of improvement. For example, you cannot search for specific things like a Canadian supplier or a supplier that drop ships during a certain time frame. For now, you would have to read reviews or call the supplier to find out more specifics about them.

While the availability of an advanced search is not a deal breaker, it would be an excellent improvement to the service.

SaleHoo Review: What Do I Think About Their Service?

Making a decent profit online is starting to be extremely hard because of all the competition. Fortunately, SaleHoo has a worthy wholesale directory that can actually help you make a big profit. I love their service and would be one of the first places I turn to when looking for products for my online store or marketplace account.

I recommend SaleHoo to all online store owners, eBay sellers, and Amazon merchants looking to make a nice living. Believe it or not, 100,000 SaleHoo members do not lie.

Why not give it a shot? Purchase a SaleHoo membership for $67. There is nothing to lose with their solid 60-day money back guarantee.

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