Doba Review

Doba Review

Doba Review – What Is It?

Doba is a drop shipping service that was first introduced in 2002. The company is located in Lehi, UT and has been providing thousands of merchants with wholesale inventory.

At the time of writing this Doba review, there are over 2,000,000 products to drop-ship.

Is Doba A Scam?

Doba is a legitimate drop shipping service that can help you make a nice living. It is definitely not a scam. Nonetheless, Doba is not a “get rich quick scheme” and will require research and patience.

The people that end up failing are usually the ones that are going around and calling it a scam. Drop shipping will not get you rich overnight, but if you are patient and do the research, it can create a steady income for you and your family. Besides, why would thousands of people use Doba if it was a scam?

Doba Success Stories

The image above features some success stories by actual Doba customers. Why not give it a shot, maybe your experience can be their next success story.

How Does Doba Work?

The idea is very simple; make a sale, place the order with a drop shipper, drop shipper sends the product to your customer, you keep the profit.

Doba’s drop shipping service eliminates overhead costs and the need to stock your own inventory. By eliminating overhead and inventory, you have the ability to save thousands of dollars and have an increased profit.

Other than the Doba membership, you pay nothing upfront. In other words, you do not buy anything until you make a confirmed sale. So, you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Can I Make A Legitimate Profit?

Drop shipping is not the right business for everyone, so I will not sit here and tell you that anyone can sign up and make a profit. The amount of profit will depend on several factors including the amount of research you do, the type of products you sell, product competition, and where the products are being sold.

Doba has thousands of wholesale products with profit margins of up to 70%. So, there is definitely a chance to make a profit. Selling products on eBay and Amazon, compared to selling on your own store will also have an impact on the amount of profit you can make, mainly due to higher fees on such marketplaces.

High Profit Margin Products on Doba

For example, an iPad 3 has a profit margin of about 38% whereas an Xbox One controller is in the 31% range.

What Does Doba Cost?

New members can take advantage of the 14-day free trial with Doba. The free trial can be cancelled anytime and there is absolutely no obligation to continue your membership past the trial.

If you feel that Doba is the right drop shipping service for you, then you will have the opportunity to sign up. Their drop shipping service costs $59.95/mo.

Additionally, customers that choose to pay annually can save up to $179.90. Furthermore, you are covered by their “money back guarantee” as long as you showed that you tried.

Doba Review – What are the Benefits of a Doba Membership?

The membership has a lot of pros, but I will keep it short and touch up on the ones that helped me succeed. Honestly, with a little research and effort, the membership will practically pay for itself. Here is a list of benefits of why you might want to sign up for a Doba membership.

1) Tons of Products

Doba has one of the largest databases of wholesale products. The database features over 2,000,000 products in just about every category. Product categories include electronics, books, sports, home, apparel, and more.

2) Make Unlimited Profit

While others limit the amount of money you can make, Doba does not. With Doba, you have the opportunity to make as much money (or as little) as you want. The majority of their products have a decent profit margin, so there is plenty of potential for you to make a desired profit.

3) Integration with Shopping Carts

If you are planning on selling products on an online store, then this is something that you can benefit from. Doba is able to integrate with some of the most popular shopping cart software including Bigcommerce, Shopify, and Volusion. The integration is able to upload the wholesale products onto your online store.

4) Lowest Drop Ship Price is Guaranteed

Okay, so what’s the big deal with this guarantee? Well, this guarantee states that their product pricing is better than anywhere else. If you find a better deal elsewhere, they will give you a free month or two of membership.

5) Customer Support

Customer service and the available support tools is where Doba tends to excel. For account related issues, Doba’s customer support team is available through phone and email.

Additionally, Doba has a bunch of support tools that can help you learn about drop shipping and improving your chances of success. I found that their training, tips, and suggestions were the backbone to my success.

What are the Cons of a Doba Membership?

A thorough Doba review would not be complete without listing some cons about their membership.

1) Issues with Products Being Out of Stock

A good portion of their members claim that some of their popular products are hard to come by and tend to be marked out of stock. While I never experienced products being out of stock, I find it understandable. I only say this because everyone tries to sell all of the popular items that have the biggest profit margin. What people do not know is that popular products come with increased competition.

2) Cancelling a Doba Membership

Some of their ex-members reported that it is a bit difficult to cancel your Doba membership and get a refund. Most of those users claim that they had to file a dispute with their credit card company to obtain any type of refund.

I no longer use a drop shipping service and ended up cancelling my Doba membership as I moved to much bigger things. I simply called their customer service and cancelled my membership, while receiving a partial refund for cancelling half way through my billing cycle. So, maybe it depends on the representative you get connected to.

Doba Review – Do I Recommend Their Drop Shipping Service?

Drop shipping is one of the easiest ways of starting an online business that has very little risk. Truth is, drop shipping is not for everyone. If it was, we would all be doing the same thing.

I recommend Doba to anyone looking to start an online business. You will not be able to find a better drop shipping service, trust me (I tried)!

If you do decide to purchase a Doba membership, do a little research and do not give up. Good luck and be sure to share your success.

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