Best Online Fax Service

Best Online Fax Service

Are you sick of traditional fax machines that require hefty maintenance costs? If yes, you have joined the thousands searching for the best online fax services and top alternatives to traditional faxing.

While fax machines have been losing popularity, faxing is still vital for certain individuals and industries, especially for online stores, banks, and government institutions. Switching to online faxing is convenient, cheaper, and does not require a fax machine.

Whether you are an occasional or frequent user, the services below will help you manage all of your faxing needs, without the hardware.

Best O

Fax ServicePricePagesReviewFree Trial
1) RingCentral Fax$6.59/mo.500/mo.RingCentral Fax Review30 days
2) Nextiva Fax$4.95/mo.500/mo.Nextiva Fax Review30 days
3) MetroFax$6.63/mo.500/mo.MetroFax Review30 days
4) MyFax$10/mo.100S/200RMyFax Review30 days
5) eFax$16.95/mo.150S/150ReFax Review30 days
6) RapidFax$9.95/mo.300/mo.RapidFax Review30 days
7) SFax$9/mo.100/mo.SFax Review30 days

Why Use a Paid Online Fax Service?

I constantly get asked this question: Why should I use a paid online fax service instead of a free service? The simple answer to that is because of increased security and the ability to have your faxes stored in their database.

We all know that most documents that are being faxed are confidential. Free online fax services are vulnerable and at risk. Why risk it when you do not have to?

These online fax services are also great alternatives to traditional fax machines. Since a fax machine is not required, you have the ability to save hundreds of dollars by using an online fax service.

Best Online Fax Services Should Have…?

The best online fax services will have the desired features at an affordable price. Thankfully, all of the fax services listed above have reasonable pricing, the necessary features, and a solid support system.

Users looking for the best online fax service should make sure the provider offers:

  • free trial period to test out the service without any gimmicks or obligations.
  • price that you can afford. Since there are several options available, choose the service that best fits your budget. Most of the online fax services above have plans at around $10 per month.
  • The features that you will need. Once you decide on a price that you can afford, it is time to check if the needed features are available. The best online fax service will have features like mobile faxing, notifications, simple interface, multiple file formats, solid security, and options for choosing a fax number.
  • A simple overview of any additional or extra costs. It’s important to keep any of these costs to a minimum. While it’s uncommon for an online fax service to charge account setup fees, all fax services have extra costs for going over the monthly page limit associated with your monthly plan.
  • An easy-to-use interface and software. Personally, I never used an online fax service that was difficult to use. Fortunately, the fax services featured above are among the easiest to use.
  • The ability to get in touch with technical support through multiple contact methods. While it’s rare to have to contact technical support, it is important to have it available. Support through live chat, phone, and email is also something to consider.
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