Best Email Marketing Service

Best Email Marketing Service

Best Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is a part of every business, offline and on the internet. Nowadays, we have tons of options and choosing the best email marketing service can be a difficult decision. It is important to choose the service that best suits the business needs.

So, how do we choose the best email marketing provider?

Top 10 Email Marketing Services

Best Email Marketing Services

After spending countless of hours using and researching tons of email marketing services, I developed a list of the 10 best email marketing services. Take a few seconds and compare the email marketing providers below:

#Email Marketing ServiceRatingTrial PeriodCostSubscribers
1iContact9.9030 days$10/mo. to $109/mo.250 to 15,000+
2Constant Contact9.7460 days$15/mo. to $75/mo.500 to 10,000+
3Get Response9.6030 days$15/mo. to $450/mo.1,000 to 100,000+
4Vertical Response9.3730 days$10/mo. to $240/mo.500 to 40,000+
5Benchmark Email9.1530 days$11.95/mo. to $460/mo.600 to 100,000+
6AWeber9.07$1 free trial$19/mo. to $149/mo.500 to 25,000+
7Mailigen8.7330 days$10/mo. to $400/mo.500 to 100,000+
8Campaigner8.2530 days$10/mo. to $200/mo.1,000 to 50,000+
9StreamSend8.0230 days$19.90/mo. to $209.90/mo. 2,000 to 150,000+
10PinPointe7.9715 days$49/mo. to $898/mo.5,000 to 200,000+

The Importance of Email Marketing for Blogs and Businesses

An effective marketing strategy starts with a good email marketing service. Today, most users communicate through email and social media. Fortunately, a good email marketing service will enable promotional campaigns in both areas.

Email marketing enables users to create and send targeted email newsletters to their customers, readers, & followers. On top of basic capabilities, the best email marketing service will have solid features, inexpensive pricing, and integration with popular applications.

As a marketing enthusiast, I encourage all site owners (bloggers, store owners, etc.) to take advantage of email marketing.

How to Find the Best Email Marketing Service?

Finding and choosing the best email marketing service requires a bit of effort and a lot of testing. Generally, most of the services give you a chance to test out their software by allowing you to sign up for a free trial with no commitments or obligations. This is ideal for most users as it gives us the chance to test out the service on our own and decide if it is the best for our needs. Fortunately, I have developed a criterion of “what to look for when looking for an email marketing service.”

Criterion of what to look for:

  • Cost – The cost of email marketing is very important to most of us. Since there are many options out there, staying within budget is possible. A smart tip would be to create a budget and go from there.
  • Features – Most email marketing services will have basic features. On top of basic features, you want to look for additional features like landing pages, template selection, social media sharing, and advanced reporting tools. Features will vary depending on the niche and audience.
  • Subscriber Limits – All email marketing plans come with different subscriber levels. You want to choose the plan that suits the needs of your subscriber list. Remember, if the plan is too big or small, you can easily upgrade/downgrade at any time.
  • Ease of Use – Depending on your skill level, what is easy for me might not be that way for you. It is a good idea to take advantage of the free trials and see if you can get comfortable with the service. Be sure that the process of creating and sending email newsletters is quick and simple.
  • Technical Support and Resources – Do not get fooled by a company that is offering technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With all honestly, do you really think you will be sending email campaigns at three o’clock in the morning and run into a problem that will require technical support? However, you want to see if the service has additional resources that can be used to guide you through common problems. 

Best Email Marketing Services: Final Thoughts

I strongly recommend signing up for one of the above email marketing services. Since most of the services have free trials, I recommend each one of you to take advantage of that and give each company a test. And remember, be sure to go with the service that fulfills most of your needs. 

What marketing service are you using? Which is the best email marketing service?

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